2015-16 Group Annuity Experience Update

December 2018

The Society of Actuaries' Group Annuity Experience Committee has completed this experience update, which presents the 2015 through 2016 calendar year experience of retired individuals in the United States who are covered under group pension contracts. This update compares these most recent two years of available experience to the 2011-14 period and analyzes how the recent data affects aggregate annual mortality improvement in the group annuity experience data since 2007.

In addition, the committee has presented the results in pivot table format to allow readers to easily customize their analyses to suit their individual purposes.


2015-16 Group Annuity Experience Update

2007-16 Group Annuity Experience Pivot Table

Questions Or Comments?

For any questions regarding this study, please contact Patrick Nolan, SOA Experience Studies Actuary, at +1-847-273-8860 or pnolan@soa.org.