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International Experience Studies

The International Experience Study (IES) was a joint research venture of the SOA's International Section and Research Department, the International Actuarial Association, local actuarial associations and corporate sponsors to provide actuaries around the world with practical experience information in emerging markets. This effort resulted in the publication of reports on mortality experience from a number of countries. These reports can be found under ‘Related Links.’

In performing an intercompany experience study in each country of interest, a working group of local actuaries was established to define the project scope and variables to be studied, review the research results and methodology and report its findings. The SOA's International Experience Study's Oversight Group works with the local country team during the process providing the team with technical guidance and assistance as needed including analyzing the data submitted by contributing companies in order to produce study results.


Caribbean Pension Mortality Study

Canadian Report on the Lapse and Mortality Experience of Post-Level Premium Period Term Plans

SOA International Experience Study - Caribbean 2002-07 (Updated Nov. 2014)

Caribbean Individual Life Experience Study 2002-2007 Workbook

SOA International Experience Study – Vietnam 2015

SOA International Experience Study – Vietnam 2015 Pivot Tables

SOA International Experience Study - Vietnam 2009

SOA International Experience Study - Estonia 2009

SOA International Experience Study - Philippines 2008

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