Mortality and Morbidity Liaison Committee Reports

Experience Studies – Individual Life

Mortality and Morbidity Liaison Committee (MMLC)1
The main objective of the MMLC was to produce experience studies that support the risk management information needs, primarily from a substandard or extra mortality perspective, of those involved in pricing and underwriting individual life and disability income products in the United States and Canada. This committee, in collaboration with the MIB, conducted and reported findings from major intercompany mortality studies, including those based on build (i.e., height and weight), blood pressure and other medical and nonmedical impairments.

Completed Experience Studies:

  • Alcohol Abuse and Liver Enzyme (AALE)
  • Aviation and Hazardous Sports
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Build Analysis (pivot tables only)
  • Diabetes
    • 1989-2002
    • 1989-2007 Analysis (pivot tables only)
  • Elevated Blood Pressure (EBP)
  • Older Age


1Please note that this committee was disbanded in October of 2013.


Alcohol Abuse and Liver Enzyme (AALE) Study Report

Aviation and Hazardous Sports Study Report

Body Mass Index (BMI) Study Report

Build Analysis Pivot Tables

1989-2002 Diabetes Study Report

1989-2007 Diabetes Analysis Pivot Tables

Elevated Blood Pressure (EBP) Study Report

Older Age Study Report

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