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Report on the Cash Flow Testing Software Web Survey

Research Projects – Finance/Investment

The Investment Section's Conmmittee on Finance Research is pleased to present the results of this survey that explores Cash Flow Testing Software. The survey was developed to provide a resource for actuaries in need of comparing available software packages. The survey was distributed electronically to users in May 2004 and conductedby the University of Western Ontario. For the purposes of the survey, Cash Flow Testing referred to analysis to support the Asset Adequacy Analysis behind the Actuarial Opinion for U.S Companies and analysis, which is used to determine the ALM Provision for Adverse Deviations in applying the Canadian Asset Liability Method to determine reserves for Canadian companies.

The resulting reports represent the opinions of the software users who respondedto the survey. There are two reports available below: the full report containing complete survey results and a brief guide, highlighting the results primarily in graphical form.

Please follow the log in instructions provided. If you are requesting a new password for the Cash Flow Testing Software forum, please use “Cash Flow Testing Software” in the subject line of the email.

The Committee on Finance Research would like to thank the following individuals who served on the Project Oversight Group for the survey and provided their expert advice in the development of the survey content and reports:

  • Gang Ma, Chair
  • Douglas George
  • Stephen Hodges
  • Donald Sanning
  • Michael Smith
  • Steven Siegel, SOA Research Actuary
  • Angela Bonnett, SOA Research Assistant
  • Sarah Christiansen, Advisor to the Project

Disclaimer: This survey is published by the Society of Actuaries (the SOA) and contains information based on input from users of cash flow testing software. Statements of fact and opinions expressed in this report are those of the survey respondents and do not represent the opinions of the Society of Actuaries or its officers, directors, staff or representatives. The SOA does not recommend, encourage, or endorse any particular use of the software or information reported in this survey. The SOA makes no warranty, guarantee or representation whatsoever and assumes no liability or responsibility in connection with the use or misuse of the information in this survey.

Copyright 2005. Society of Actuaries. All rights reserved under U.S. and international copyright laws. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form without the express written permission of the Society of Actuaries.


Report on the Cash Flow Testing Software Web Survey

Cash Flow Testing Software (Brief Guide)

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