Models for Retirement Policy Analysis

Research Projects in Pension

Report to the Society of Actuaries By Joseph M. Anderson–Capital Research Associates

This draft report describes existing models and data sources for projecting the effect of changes in environment on the design and cost of retirement benefit plans. It is a living document and will keep changing and evolving based on comments sent to the SOA and continuing work of the researcher. In addition, an actuarial critique of each model will be added as they become available.


Chapter 1 - Modeling for Retirement Policy Analysis

Chapter 2 - Microanalytic Simulation Models

Chapter 3 DYNASIM

Chapter 4 PRISM

Chapter 5 - CORSIM

Chapter 6 - DYNACAN: Canadian Microsimulation Model for Public Pension Analysis

Chapter 7 - U.S. Social Security Administration Office of the Actuary Projections Methodology

Chapter 8 - MINT: Modeling Income in the Near Term: U.S. Social Security Administration Near Term Retirement Income Model

Chapter 9 - SSASIM Social Security Policy Simulation Model

Chapter 10 - Macroeconomic-Demographic Model of the U.S. Retirement Income System

Chapter 11 PIMS Pension Insurance Modeling System

Glossary of Modeling Terms

Databases Useful for Retirement Analysis

Benchmarks: Illustrative Potential Policy Analysis Tasks

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