Autopilot: Self-Adjusting Systems for Sustainable Retirement Systems

Research Projects – Pension

The Pension Section Research team is pleased to make available the following report which explores the current usage and prevalence of self-adjusting mechanisms. The report, written by John Turner, was commissioned by the Pension Section Council to support the Society of Actuaries’ Retirement 20/20 initiative. The information in this report will be used to further investigate the potential for these mechanisms in the context of future retirement systems.

More information about the Retirement 20/20 effort can be found on their Web site.

Autopilot: Self–Adjusting Systems for Sustainable Retirement Systems Report

Thank You

The Pension Section Council would like to thank the following for reviewing the report and providing comments on earlier drafts.

  • Sandi Kruszenski
  • Tom Lowman
  • Emily Kessler, SOA Staff Fellow
  • Steven Siegel, SOA Research Actuary

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