Statistical Methods for Health Actuaries–IBNR Estimates: An Introduction

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The Health Section Research Team is pleased to make available the first in a series of guides on the use of statistical techniques that are geared toward the work of a practicing health actuary.

The first guide in the series deals with the calculation of incurred but not reported (IBNR) health claim reserves and specifically the development of confidence intervals around IBNR estimates. The guide was co–authored by Jinadasa Gamage, Jed Linfield, Krzysztof Ostaszewski and Steven Siegel.

Along with the guide below two Excel workbooks were created to demonstrate the techniques discussed in the guide.


Statistical Methods for Health Actuaries - IBNR Estimates: An Introduction

Statistical Tools–Regression Method–Workbook

Simulation Example

Thank You

The Health Section would like to thank the following members of the Project Oversight Group for their help and support of the project:

  • Rowen Bell
  • David Dickson
  • Doug Fearrington
  • Chuck Fuhrer
  • Eric Smithback
  • Tony Wittman
  • Kurt Wrobel
  • Steve Siegel, SOA Research Actuary

Special thanks to Claire Bilodeau, Elaine Canlas, Walter James, Stuart Klugman, and Jim Mange for their review and comments on the guide.

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