Economic Capital: Correlation Matrices and Other Techniques–A Survey and Discussion

Research Projects – Risk Management

The Society of Actuaries' Risk Management Research Team is pleased to make available the following report that explores risk aggregation techniques used by insurers. The report, authored by Matthew Clark and Chris Olechowski of Ernst & Young LLP, is based on a survey of insurers that investigated general economic capital methodologies and processes, risk aggregation techniques and respondent critiques of current methods.

Economic Capital Correlation Matrices and Other Techniques - A Survey and Discussion

Thank You

The Risk Management Research Team would like to thank the members of the Project Oversight Group for their time and valuable input:

  • Asutosh Chakrabarti
  • Steven Craighead
  • Ed Freeman
  • David Hopewell
  • Glenn Meyers
  • Max Rudolph
  • Fred Tavan
  • Steven Siegel, Research Actuary–Society of Actuaries

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