The Financial Crisis and Lessons for Insurers

Research Projects – Finance/Investment


The CAS, CIA, and the SOA's Joint Risk Management Section Research Team and the SOA's Committee on Finance Research are pleased to make available a research report that examines the subprime mortgage crises and related financial consequences from the perspective of the insurance industry. The report was authored by a team led by Shaun Wang of Georgia State University. The team included:

  • Robert Klein, Georgia State University
  • Gang Ma, ING Investment Management
  • Eric Ulm, Georgia State University
  • Xiangjing Wei, Doctoral Candidate
  • George Zanjani, Georgia State University


The Financial Crisis and Lessons for Insurers

Thank You

The Joint Risk Management Section and the Finance Section would like to thank the following individuals for their input and review:

  • John Nigh (Chair)
  • David Cummings
  • Louise Francis
  • Ron Harasym
  • Phil Heckman
  • Bob Schneider
  • Stephen Marco
  • Krzysztof Ostaszewski
  • Fred Tavan
  • Robert Wolf, SOA Staff Fellow
  • Steve Siegel, SOA Research Actuary

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