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The Rising Tide of Pension Contributions Post-2008: How much and when?

Research Projects – Pension

The SOA is pleased to make available a research report from the new Rapid Retirement Research Initiative that provides a system-wide analysis of the expected contribution requirements for the U.S. single-employer defined benefit (DB) pension universe over the remainder of this decade. This report is unique in that we show the results of the aggregate system-wide effect and we evaluate these results in the context of recent history, including recent regulatory and economic changes and how the individual decisions being made have affected the pension system.


The Rising Tide of Pension Contributions Post-2008: How much and when?

Thank You

Special thanks to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and Hewitt EnnisKnupp for supplying data that was used in our analysis.

We extend additional thanks to the Modeling Oversight Group and other experts who provided helpful input during the review of the research, including:

  • Chet Andrzejewski
  • Chris Bone
  • Mike Boot
  • Don Fuerst
  • Ian Genno
  • Eric Keener
  • Emily Kessler
  • Marc-Andre Melancon
  • Alan Parikh
  • Andy Peterson
  • Tom Terry
  • Cheryl Tillman
  • Frank Todisco

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