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Implications of the Cost of End of Life Care: A Review of the Literature

The Society of Actuaries Health Section is pleased to make available a research report summarizing existing literature on end of life issues of interest to actuaries. The report was authored by Martin Halek and Margie Rosenberg of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Implications of the Cost of End of life Care: A Review of the Literature

Thank You

The Health Section would like to thank the following members of the project oversight group and additional reviewers for their review and support of the project:

  • Tia Sawhney, Chair
  • Russell Hendel
  • Prashant Nayak
  • Jeff Petertil
  • Brent Reis
  • Tim Rice
  • David Strey
  • Sara Teppema, SOA Sr. Staff Fellow, Practice Research
  • Steve Siegel, SOA Research Actuary
  • Barbara Scott, SOA Research Administrator

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