Actuarial Model for Wellness

Research Projects in Health

The Society of Actuaries is pleased to make available research material that explores the current wellness environment. The project consisted of three phases: a literature search summarizing current research, a survey of the actuarial and vendor community, and interviews with researchers in the field. The material was authored by a team from Sibson Consulting, including Steven Cyboran, Leonard Spangher, and Matthew Kersting.


Actuarial Model for Wellness – Literature Search
Actuarial Model for Wellness – Survey Results
Actuarial Model for Wellness – Survey Results - Appendix I
Actuarial Model for Wellness – Survey Results - Appendix II
Actuarial Model for Wellness – Researcher Interviews
Actuarial Model for Wellness – Study Report


Comments on the material are welcome. If you have comments or questions, please contact Steve Siegel, Research Actuary at

Thank You

The SOA would like to thank the following members of the project oversight group for their review and support of the project:

  • Steele Stewart (Chair)
  • Linda Andreae
  • Yair Babad
  • Kevin Borchert
  • David Dillon
  • Ken Ehresmann
  • Malgorzata Jankowiak
  • Chuck Kuhn
  • David Petta
  • John Stark
  • Matthew Varitek
  • Steve Siegel, SOA Research Actuary
  • Barbara Scott, SOA Research Administrator