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Retirement Literacy

October 2018

The Society of Actuaries Committee on Post Retirement Needs and Risks and Financial Finesse are pleased to make available a series of briefs focused on retirement literacy issues.  The first brief in the series explores retirement from a holistic perspective looking at non-financial issues. The second brief looks at retirement planning and the things to consider throughout one’s career.  The third brief explores the types of expenses that may occur in the first year of retirement. The briefs were developed by a team led by Greg Ward of Financial Finesse.  


Retirement Health & Happiness

Retirement Planning From Start to Finish

A Spending Plan for Retirement: Estimating Expenses


Research Insights - Retirement Literacy Brief #1 - Health & Happiness

Research Insights - Retirement Literacy Brief #2, Retirement Planning From Start to Finish

Research Insights - Retirement Literacy Brief #3, A Spending Plan for Retirement


Thank You

The SOA would like to thank the following individuals for serving on the Project Oversight Group:
Andrea Sellars, Chair
Carol Bogosian
Steve Cooperstein
Barb Hogg
Cindy Hounsell
Ray Kirk
Cindy Levering
Steve Newman
Anna Rappaport
Kenn Tacchino
Julie Stich
Tom Toale
Linda Stone
Steve Siegel, SOA Research Actuary
Andy Peterson, SOA Staff Actuary
Barbara Scott, Sr. Research Administrator

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