Practical Analysis of PBR Mortality Credibility for Term Insurance

June 2019

The Smaller Insurance Company Section, the Committee on Life Insurance Research and the Product Development Section announce the release of a new report on the impact mortality credibility has on principle-based reserves. Authored by Alijawad Hasham, Steven Ekblad, Jordan Givan, Sebastian Kleber, David Eckrich, and Susie Xu of Swiss Re, this paper:

  1. Provides an overview of how mortality credibility may impact a company's decision of when and, in the case of small companies qualifying for the Companywide Exemption, whether to implement PBR.
  2. Assists companies to better understand the impact PBR mortality credibility may have on their business and products given their circumstances.
  3. Studies the impact reinsurance, including retention limits, may have on mortality credibility.
  4. Identifies and analyzes various sources of external data to enhance credibility.


Practical Analysis of PBR Mortality Credibility for Term Insurance 

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Jan Schuh, SOA Sr. Research Administrator
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