Pub-2010 Public Retirement Plans Mortality Tables

2/25/2019 Update:

A few Disabled Retiree annuity factors in Table 11.10 (Amount-Weighted Safety Disabled Retirees) and Table 11.11 (Amount-Weighted Non-Safety Disabled Retirees) have been changed. For males and females, the age-55 annuity factors for RP-2000 Disabled projected with Scale BB and for RP-2006 Disabled projected with MP-2017 were incorrect and are now updated, along with the corresponding percentage changes of moving to the Pub-2010 tables. All other annuity factors in the tables remain unchanged.


The Society of Actuaries' Retirement Plans Experience Committee (RPEC) has released the final report of the Pub-2010 Public Retirement Plans Mortality Tables. The primary focus of this study was a comprehensive review of recent mortality experience of public retirement plans in the United States.

The final report can be found below under ‘Materials’. Also included below are two Excel files containing the Pub-2010 amount-weighted and Pub.H-2010 headcount-weighted mortality rates. A third Excel file containing a pivot table that allows users to create custom views of the data has also been provided. The original data request package has also been posted for reference.

RPEC released an exposure draft of the Pub-2010 Public Retirement Plans Mortality Tables in August 2018 and solicited comments on it through the end of October 2018. A summary of those comments and RPEC’s response to them can be found under ‘Materials’.


Pub-2010 Public Retirement Plans Mortality Tables Report 

Pub-2010 Amount-Weighted Mortality Rates

Pub.H-2010 Headcount-Weighted Mortality Rates

Pub-2010 Pivot Table

Pub-2010 Study Data Request

RPEC Response to Comments on Pub-2010 Mortality Tables Exposure Draft

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