COVID-19 Visualizations of Interest to Actuaries


Karl Canty, Sidharth Malhotra, Anuja Khanna

Natalie (Zirong) Mo
Actuarial Science & Finance Student
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Max J. Rudolph, FSA, CERA, CFA, MAAA
Rudolph Financial Consulting LLC

Gregory Whittaker FSA, MAAA, FCA, FASSA.
Algorithm Consultants & Actuaries


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a wide-ranging impact in areas of interest to practicing actuaries. Correlations exist between the pandemic and many topics varying across a range of practice areas. The SOA Catastrophe & Climate Strategic Research Program Steering Committee has sponsored these visualizations exploring the correlation between the COVID-19 pandemic and a theme of choice of the individual contributing authors.


COVID-19 Visualizations of Interest to Actuaries

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