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COVID-19 Retirement Section Member Survey Results


Steven Siegel, ASA; Barbara Scott

Report Description

As part of its ongoing effort to provide useful information on COVID-19, the Society of Actuaries issued a brief qualitative survey to its Retirement Section members to gain insight as to how COVID-19 is impacting the retirement programs and organizations they support, and also how it is impacting their work. The survey results are intended to help members compare their thinking and future expectations of COVID-19 with their peers, as well as inform future research efforts.


COVID-19 Retirement Section Member Survey Results


Thanks to the following members of the Retirement Section Research Committee and Aging and Retirement Strategic Research Program Steering Committee for their invaluable help in the development and review of this survey.

Gavin Benjamin, FSA, FCIA
David Cantor, ASA, EA
Doug Chandler, FSA, FCIA
John Cutler
Ian Genno, FSA, FCIA, CERA
Lee Gold, ASA, MAAA, EA
Joseph Goodman, FSA, MAAA, CERA
Eric Keener, FSA, MAAA, EA, FCA
Cindy Levering, ASA, MAAA
Anna Rappaport, FSA, MAAA
Ruth Schau, FSA, EA, FCA
Andrea Sellars, FSA, MAAA
Howard Simon, FSA, MAAA, EA, MSPA
Mary Stone, FSA, MAAA, EA, FCA
Lisa Schilling, FSA, MAAA, EA, FCA, SOA Retirement Research Actuary

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