Principle-Based Reserves Simplified Methods

The Society of Actuaries Smaller Insurance Company Section, the Financial Reporting Section, and the Committee on Life Insurance Research are pleased to make available new research investigating simplified methods for determining reserves under VM-20. The research is not to be construed as an official position, statement, or endorsement of this methodology by the authors, Society of Actuaries or the Sponsors. It is provided for educational purposes and is intended to generate discussion and ideas on simplifications, approximations and modeling efficiency techniques as allowed under VM-20 for determining reserves.

In addition to the research report, the multi-risk scenario generator software developed as part of the study is available.


Principle-Based Reserves Simplified Methods  


Multi-Risk Scenario Generator 

Thank You

The sponsors would like to thank the following individuals who served on the Project Oversight Group

Stefanie Porta, Chairperson

Bryan Amburn

Jerry Enoch

Trevor Huseman

Jason Kehrberg

Harold Luber

Jing Pan

Corwin Zass

Jan Schuh, Sr. Research Administrator

Ronora Stryker, Sr. Practice Research Actuary

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