2007-2015 US Individual Disability Income Persistency Study

The Society of Actuaries and LIMRA have sponsored a U.S. Individual Disability Income Persistency Study. The report, authored by Maureen Shaughnessy, FSA, MAAA, presents the results of a study of individual disability income (“IDI”) lapse experience in the United States between observation years 2007 and 2015.

This study was conducted jointly by LIMRA and the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and was based on data provided by 10 individual disability income insurance writers. This study was done concurrently with the SOA Individual Disability Experience Committee’s analysis of claim morbidity; however, the two studies are independent.

This report examines lapse experience on individual disability income insurance products by various policyholder and product factors. The study can be used for industry benchmarking as well as for background information for product development and planning purposes.

Also included is a Tableau database containing detailed lapse rate information.


2007-2015 US Individual Disability Income Persistency Study

Tableau Database

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