Aging and Retirement Issues for People of Different Races and Ethnicities – Essay Collection

The Society of Actuaries’ Aging and Retirement Strategic Research Program in collaboration with the International Association of Black Actuaries (IABA) and the Organization of Latino Actuaries (OLA) is pleased to release a collection of essays in response to a call for essays aimed to explore how differences in wealth and retirement outcomes are experienced by people of different races and ethnicities and to promote a better understanding of the underlying issues surrounding the differences.


Research Insights - Aging and Retirement Issues for People of Different Races and Ethnicities – Essay Collection


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FIRST PRIZE: Inequalities in Retirement Security: Unique Challenges for African American Households 
J. Michael Collins and Cliff A. Robb

SECOND PRIZE: Necessary Family Financial Support Perpetuates Racial Wealth Inequality Across Generations – Evidence from the Coronavirus Pandemic 
Dania V. Francis and Christian E. Weller

THIRD PRIZE: Closing the Retirement Readiness Gap
Karl Canty

Mom Has Me; I Won’t Have a Me: The Impact of Caregiving on the Retirement Security of Immigrant Family Caregivers
Lily Liu

Immigrants Age Too: Projections of the Magnitude of the U.S. Undocumented Adult Population
Josefina Flores Morales

Retirement Savings and Resilience: A Comparison of Hispanic/Latinos’ and Non-Hispanic/Latinos’ Responses to Retirement Insecurity
Karen Richman and Joelle Saad-Lessler

Hispanic/Latinos, Trust and Pensions
John A. Turner

Thank You

The SOA’s Aging and Retirement Strategic Research Program would like to thank the following individuals for their input throughout this project:
Adrian Cox (representing IABA)
John Cutler
Barb Hogg
Grace Lattyak
Cindy Levering
Anna Rappaport
Ruth Schau
Steven Siegel, SOA Sr. Research Actuary
Lisa Schilling, SOA Sr. Research Actuary
Barbara Scott, SOA Sr. Research Administrator

A special thank you to Adelaida Campos (representing OLA) and Solskin Gomez-Krogh, SOA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lead, for their review of the essays.

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