InsurTech: A Guide for the Actuarial Community


Willis Towers Watson:

Carrie Kelley, FSA, MAAA

Kiki Wang, ACAS
Senior Consultant


This report is intended to serve as a guide to the InsurTech landscape for the actuarial community and insurance practitioners. InsurTech is the use of emerging hardware, software and user interfaces to address inefficiencies or opportunities in the insurance value chain. It often involves technology, data and analytics.


InsurTech: A Guide for the Actuarial Community


The researchers’ deepest gratitude goes to those without whose efforts this project could not have come to fruition: the Project Oversight Group and others for their diligent work overseeing questionnaire development, analyzing and discussing respondent answers, and reviewing and editing this report for accuracy and relevance.

Project Oversight Group members:

Carlos Brioso, FSA, CERA

Han (Henry) Chen, FSA, MAAA, FCIA

Manisha Dias, FSA, CERA, FCIA

Bruce Fuller, FSA, MAAA

Blake Hill, FSA, FCIA

Liang (Jason) Hong, FSA

Nick Leimer

Mike Murray, FSA, FCIA

Kevin Pledge, FSA, FIA

Eric Sondergeld, ASA


Mike Taht, FSA, FCIA, MAAA

Matt Wolf, FSA, CERA, MAAA

Shehreen Zaman

At the Society of Actuaries:

Korrel Crawford, Senior Research Administrator

Dale Hall, FSA, MAAA, CERA, Managing Director of Research

Mervyn Kopinsky, FSA, EA, MAAA, Senior Experience Studies Actuary

David Schraub, FSA, MAAA, CERA, Senior Practice Research Actuary

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