15th Emerging Risk Survey


Max J. Rudolph, FSA, CFA, CERA, MAAA, Rudolph Financial Consulting, LLC


The Casualty Actuarial Society, Canadian Institute of Actuaries, and the Society of Actuaries Research Institute are pleased to make available results from the 2021 Emerging Risks Survey, the fifteenth in the series. Conducted by Max J. Rudolph of Rudolph Financial Consulting LLC, the survey incorporated a set of Emerging Risks defined by the World Economic Forum as the basis for several of the questions.  The survey also included questions related to current risk management topics.


15th Emerging Risk Survey

15th Emerging Risk Survey, Simplified Chinese Summary

Emerging Risks Survey: Guide for Use

15th Annual Survey of Emerging Risks Key Findings


Research Insights -15th Emerging Risk Survey.


Data Visualizations

14th Annual Survey of Emerging Risks Key Findings Visualizations

These interactive dashboards are visualizations of key metrics found in the report. They provide filtering, drill-down, and other interactive capabilities that allow you to focus on specific subsets of the data.

  1. Heat Map: Time Series
    View all risks across all years, one question at a time. Sort by results from a specific year to see which risks have surged and which have been consistent.
  2. Heat Map: One Year at a Time
    View all risks at the same time for one year, noting how the results vary across time.
  3. Histogram: Time Series
    View one risk and one question across all years.
  4. Histogram: One year at a time
    View all risks and one question, cycling results across time.
  5. Averages
    View all risks and one question as you choose the time period to average results across. For example, this allows you to back out the years right after the great financial crisis if you think those results are out of sample.


The sponsors would like to thank the following individuals for their input and review:

Victor Chen, FSA, FCIA, CERA
Steve Hodges, FSA, CERA
Dave Ingram, FSA, CERA, MAAA
Brian Fannin, ACAS, CSPA, CAS Research Actuary
Sandee Schuster, FSA, MAAA

At the SOA Research Institute:

David Schraub, FSA, CERA, MAAA, Senior Practice Research Actuary
Jan Schuh, SOA Sr. Research Administrator

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