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Actuarial Technology, A Roundtable Discussion on Current Issues


Stephen Strommen


On November 30, 2021, the SOA Research Institute assembled an industry expert panel to discuss current issues in actuarial technology. Each participant who volunteered to be part of the discussion was selected because of their management-level responsibilities for the application of technology in an actuarial context. The group was diverse in terms of employment, including company actuaries from life, health, and property/casualty backgrounds, as well as consultants from various kinds of firms. This document summarizes the discussion that occurred during the three-hour meeting. To encourage candor during the discussion, participants were assured that this report would not attribute comments to individuals or companies, so no names appear in the body of the report. The names of those who participated are included at the end of the report.


Actuarial Technology, A Roundtable Discussion on Current Issues Report


Research Insights - Actuarial Technology, A Roundtable Discussion on Current Issues.


The researchers’ deepest gratitude goes to those without whose efforts this project could not have come to fruition: the Project Oversight Group and others for their diligent work overseeing questionnaire development, analyzing and discussing respondent answers, and reviewing and editing this report for accuracy and relevance.

Project Oversight Group members:
Van Beach, FSA, MAAA
Prem Boinpally
Teresa I. Branstetter, FSA
Brent Carpenetti, ASA, MAAA, CERA
Sevilla Dees
Justin Hanson, FSA, MAAA
Michael Hughes, FSA, MAAA
Takayuki Kaneda, FSA
Paul Lavallee, FSA, MAAA
Tim Pauza, ASA
Brian Pedersen, FSA, MAAA
Victor Rubinstein
Jeff Samu, FSA, MAAA
Aaron Smith, FSA, CERA
Bram Spector, FSA, MAAA
William Wilkins, ASA, MAAA, FCAS, CERA

At the Society of Actuaries Research Institute:
David Schraub, FSA, CERA, MAAA, AQ

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