SOA’s Career Mentor Program


The Society of Actuaries (SOA) MentorLink program intends to create a community where seasoned actuaries and those starting in the field form a long-lasting bond that will strengthen the profession now and in the future.

SOA MentorLInk provides mentors with the opportunity to share their personal and professional experience in the actuarial field, and to guide and shape future leaders in the profession. The mentees benefit from the mentors' experience and counsel to advance and grow in their actuarial careers.

The SOA MentorLink program has recently introduced two new exciting mentoring opportunities:

Long-term one-on-one mentoring

Mentors will provide their mentee with approximately one hour of support and interaction per month for three months. Most of this interaction will take place via email and other web-related tools (for example, instant messaging or Zoom) or face-to-face, as appropriate.

Flash mentoring

Mentors will be available for periodic 30-minute meetings requested by affiliate members. Intentionally short in duration, flash mentoring is intended for a quick discussion to help answer early pathway candidate questions.

Visit the SOA MentorLink page overview to join and find out more about this exciting program, or contact