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SOA’s Career Mentor Program


What is the SOA MentorLink Pilot Program?

The SOA MentorLink Pilot Program provides SOA members the opportunity to engage with and learn from other actuaries by sharing experiences and collaborating about their journey within the actuarial profession. The objectives of the program are to provide mentors with the opportunity to guide and shape future leaders in the profession; and for the mentees to be developed and coached as they advance in their experience and careers. Interactions between mentor and mentee will take place through SOA’s MentorLink platform.

The goal of the pilot program is to gain insights that will help determine scalability and possibly shape a full-scale program.

Who created the SOA MentorLink Pilot Program?

The program guidelines and eligibility requirements were developed during a year-long process by a team of SOA member volunteers who identified stakeholders and collaborated to develop a program focused on career development and personal growth.

What Can You Gain from the SOA MentorLink Pilot Program?

The SOA MentorLink Pilot Program will provide participants a chance to establish connections and learn from each other by sharing their experiences and personal journeys within the actuarial profession.

Mentors: SOA mentors give back to the profession by guiding and shaping future leaders. As a mentor, you will develop leadership and coaching skills while helping build a community with a passion for learning and sharing.

Mentees: SOA mentees receive guidance on career development and advancement through the wisdom, experience and point of view of their mentor. As a mentee, you will suggest topics to discuss and may realize benefits such as problem-solving, career advice, and overall soft-skill development.


There must be a difference of at least five years of experience* between mentors and mentees and meet these guidelines.:

Mentors: SOA Members (FSA or Career ASA) with a minimum of 10 years of experience, including retirees, will be invited to serve as mentors.

Mentees: SOA Members FSA with a minimum of three years of experience. (ASAs are not included in the pilot program initially as we are seeking to keep these discussions career focused, not exam related. The eligibility may include ASAs after the pilot period).

*Years of experience is calculated from the date of SOA membership

How Can You Participate in the SOA MentorLink Pilot Program?

Eligible SOA members will be personally invited to participate and will be assigned a mentor or mentee role based on designation and years of experience for the pilot program.

If I Am Eligible, When Will I Receive an Invitation?

Mentors: Invitations were sent in mid-February via email to eligible mentors. Please email us if you are still interested in serving as a mentor.

Mentees: Invitations were sent on March 4 and all spots have been filled. Please email us if you would like to be placed on the waiting list.

How Long Will the Program Run?

The program will begin as connections are made and will run through December 2020. Eligible mentors will be invited to join the program in February and eligible mentees in March 2020.

What is The Time Commitment?

Each mentor/mentee will commit to investing a minimum of one hour per month together.

How Are Participants Matched?

Matching will be done systematically based on application responses and preferences specified by mentees/mentors.