Understanding America Study (UAS) Comprehensive File

The UAS Comprehensive File merges the data from a number of core surveys in the Understanding America Study (UAS).  The UAS is a probability based online panel consisting of around 6500 members who are asked to take at least one survey a month, as well as a set of core surveys that are repeated every two years. The file includes basic demographics as well as data on cognitive tests, personality, financial literacy, subjective well-being, health, retirement, several surveys dealing with financial management, preparation for retirement and knowledge of Social Security rules. It includes the harmonized version of the UAS-Health and Retirement Study (UAS-HRS).  The creation of this file at the University of Southern California was supported by the National Institute on Aging, The Social Security Administration, and The Society of Actuaries.  The file is updated quarterly.

Please follow this link to learn more about the data and download the UAS Comprehensive File (registration required).