The 13th Speculative Fiction Submissions

The 13th Speculative Fiction Contest is over, and we now get to find out which story is the readers’ favorite!

Read each of the stories submitted by our creative and imaginative actuaries. Pick up to three of your favorite stories and vote for no more than three, so that we have a true Readers’ Choice Award. We will award the author of the story getting the most votes a technological surprise. Be sure to tell your friends about this contest. Get them to read the stories and pick their favorites too!

Voting online must occur from Feb. 11 – March 15. On April 1 this award, as well as those awards chosen by our judge, Dr. Bob Mielke, Professor of English at Truman State University, will be announced on each of the sponsoring sections’ webpages. The three sections sponsoring this contest are the Technology, Actuary of the Future, and Predictive Analytics and Futurism Sections.

If you have any questions or comments for the authors about their stories, send them to and we will make sure they get to that author.

Vote for your favorite story here.

  1. 0000001: The First Actuary
  2. Actuarially Academic
  3. Boiling Frogs
  4. Correctional Actuary
  5. Flight Risk
  6. Grandfather Knows Best
  7. Head in the Cloud
  8. The Immortal Actuary
  9. A Matter of Death and Life
  10. A Matter of Health
  11. No Offence
  12. Nowhere to Hide
  13. A Question of Risk
  14. A Stroke in Time
  15. Taunting Death
  16. The Temple of Screens
  17. The Wales Technique
  18. We all Have a Green Heart
  19. Zip Code
  20. Zombie Raptors