Announcement: SOA congratulates the new ASAs and CERAs for May 2022.

The 14th Speculative Fiction Contest



Sponsored by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) sections:

Technology Section

Actuary of the Future Section

Predictive Analytics and Futurism Section


To all the participants, thank you for making this such an exciting contest. Creativity is one of the traits to keep the profession relevant in the years to come.

Prize winners 

1st Place ($400):

“Just Don’t Look At It” by Chris Fievoli, FCIA

2nd Place ($300):

“Health Watch” by Camille Knepper

Most unique use of technology (Technology Section) ($150):

“Premium Day (Eve)” by Karl Gagnon, FSA, MAAA

Best Use of Futurism (Predictive Analytics and Futurism Section) ($150):

“The Elixir of Life” by Angela Xu, ASA

Most creative actuarial career of the future (Actuary of the Future Section) ($150):

“Preferred Plus” by Al Klein, FSA, MAAA

The following prize winners will receive a specially designed Speculative Fiction Zoom background and an SOA branded gift.

Reader’s Favorite Story:

“Tea Leaves” by Bethany Coffey, FSA

Best First-Time Entry:

“The Elixir of Life” by Angela Xu, ASA

Best Company Participation:

“Grandpa’s Secret” by David Koenig, FSA, MAAA
“Preferred Plus” by Al Klein, FSA, MAAA

Contest Coordinator’s Favorite:

“Actuaries From Mars!” by Nathan Worrell, FSA

Best Connection to our theme:

“Farewell, Valaria” by Beverly Orth, FSA

Contest Coordinator’s Honorable Mention (for the first graphic story to be entered):

“A Journey Into the Ocean of Existence” by Nathan Worrell, FSA


Thank you for all of the time, work and extensive support from the Technology Section, Actuary of the Future Section and Predictive Analytics and Futurism Section. Special thanks to:

  • Bob Mielke, professor of English at Truman State University,—contest judge.
  • Gary Lange, who spearheaded this contest since 2003. His dedication and forward-thinking mindset have kept this contest fresh.
  • Tracy Kirkman, who provided valuable assistance, new ideas and comments on the stories.

Congratulations to all who participated.

Read all the stories.