Announcement: SOA releases October 2019 Exam STAM passing candidate numbers.

Section Committee - Retirement Section Continuing Education Team

This team works with the Retirement Section Council to develop and coordinate continuing education opportunities for pension actuaries. Its primary activities include planning mini-seminars and breakout sessions for the Society of Actuaries' Annual Meeting and for the spring Employee Benefits meeting (co-sponsored by the SOA and the Conference of Consulting Actuaries), and organizing and hosting several webcasts each year. The team meets on a monthly basis (or more frequently, as needed) via conference calls and coordinates its efforts with the research and communication teams of the Retirement Section Council.

  • Mary Stone, Retirement Staff Fellow
  • Arin Bratt
  • Monica Dragut
  • Brett Dutton, Chairperson
  • Maureen Keonakhone
  • Andre-Claude Menard
  • Thayer “Chip” Morris
  • Tom Perko
  • Anna Rappaport
  • Marcus Robertson
  • Stephanie Santamaria
  • Sue Simon
  • Jane Lesch