Strategic Plan

A strategic plan helps an organization prepare for the future. It takes an organization from its current state to its desired future. It defines a mission and the organization’s vision. Ultimately, the strategic plan is a path for achieving goals.

The SOA’s Board of Directors is pleased to share the final version of the SOA’s 2013-2016 Strategic Plan. The plan, created with input from SOA members, candidates and staff, represents a guiding compass for the organization.

Approved by the SOA’s Board of Directors in October 2012, highlights of the plan include:

  • A refreshed mission and vision for the SOA
  • Explicit recognition of SOA's role as a global professional organization
  • Emphasis on promotion of SOA specific credentials and our education pathway
  • The addition of two new key stakeholders – policymakers and regulators

The strategy map illustrates the key components of the plan including mission, vision, stakeholders, and strategic themes.

We appreciate the input we received from members, candidates and other stakeholders. If you have questions or comments regarding the plan, please contact us.

Thank you,
SOA Strategic Planning Task Force

Mark J. Freedman (chairperson), Anne M. Button, Christian J. DesRochers, Stephen A. Eadie, Jennifer L. Gillespie, Jeremy Gold, Ellen Z. Lamale, Jennifer Lynn McGinnis, Cynthia S. Miller, Martine Sohier, and Genghui Wu