Exam PA: Predictive Analytics

The PA Exam is administered as a five-hour and 15-minute project requiring analysis of a data set in the context of a business problem and submission of a report.

The syllabus for Exam PA provides candidates with the ability to employ selected analytic techniques to solve business problems and effectively communicate the solution. A thorough knowledge of probability (as covered in Exam P), mathematical statistics (as covered in VEE Mathematical Statistics), selected models and methods for analyzing data (as covered in Exam SRM) is assumed. 

SOA Partnering with Prometric for PA Exam Administration

The Predictive Analytics Exam has three components.


  • To register for the PA Exam, candidates must have credit for the Statistics for Risk Modeling (SRM) Exam. This credit may be earned either by passing the exam or via transition credit
  • While candidates who have transition credit for SRM will be eligible to sit for the PA Exam, note that the exam designers will be assuming that candidates have full knowledge of the SRM syllabus.


  • The PA e-Learning modules provide support designed to enhance candidates’ studies from the SRM Exam and to clarify the SOA’s expectations regarding a successful PA Exam submission.
  • Beginning on June 30, 2020 candidates will register for the Predictive Analytics Exam and once registered, will receive access to the PA e-Learning modules. Candidates will have access to the modules until the end of the month in which the exam is administered.


  • To register for the PA Exam candidates must have credit for the SRM exam.
  • The PA Exam presents candidates with a data set and a realistic business problem. Candidates prepare a report that presents and supports their solution.
  • At the Prometric centers candidates will work in a Windows-like environment that is not dependent on an internet connection. They will have access to Word, Excel, a PDF reader, and RStudio for performing their analyses. Their deliverables will be their report and their R code plus any other information or files they believe will support their submission.
  • Candidates will have five hours and 15 minutes to complete the project.
  • Grading of the exam will follow the protocols used for SOA fellowship exams.

Recognized by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.

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