Apply for the UCAP List

Universities and colleges must meet the requirements of at least one of the recognition tiers below to be included in the UCAP list.

  • UCAP–Introductory Curriculum (UCAP-IC): Must maintain course coverage for at least two SOA preliminary exams and have approved courses for at least one VEE topic area.
  • UCAP–Advanced Curriculum (UCAP-AC): Must maintain course coverage for at least four SOA preliminary exams with one of those being Exam MLC or Exam C1and approved courses for all Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) topic areas.
  • Centers of Actuarial Excellence (CAE): CAE have attained the highest level of recognition the SOA offers universities. They must maintain eight specific requirements related to degree, curriculum, graduate count, faculty composition, graduate quality, appropriate academic integration, connection to industry, and research/scholarship. Learn more about CAE.

1Effective July 1, 2018 the exams covered must include the Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics Exam or the Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics Exam.

SOA Explorer Map Interface 
Universities/Colleges who are included in the UCAP list will also appear on the SOA Explorer map interface. The Explorer map shows the locations of university/college actuarial programs based on the UCAP database and VEE approval database.     

Submitting an Application for the UCAP List
To be considered for inclusion in the UCAP list and displayed on the SOA Explorer Map the UCAP application form  must be submitted along with the requested information. The Society of Actuaries will be auditing forms for accuracy and to insure they meet UCAP requirements prior to including them on the list/map.  


Please contact Tiffany Tatsumi, Academic Administrator if you need additional information. Thank you for your interest in the UCAP.