Benefits Of Being A UCAP University/College

Being part of the UCAP list has several benefits for the university/college.

Benefits for all UCAP-AC and CAE:

Benefits for all UCAP-IC, UCAP-AC and CAE:

  • Dedicated university/college profile page on the SOA website includes key faculty contact information, course coverage for SOA exams, approved VEE courses and degrees offered
  • Inclusion on the SOA Explorer map as a UCAP university or college
  • Eligible to apply for Educational Institution Grants
  • Notification of university/college networking events
  • Email communication from the SOA regarding exam/curriculum updates and news relevant to universities.
  • Alerts about opportunities that may not otherwise be available for universities/colleges not on the UCAP list
  • UCAP universities and colleges are among those we regularly survey regarding university/college needs, SOA changes and new ideas.
  • University/college faculty members encouraged to become members of the SOA Faculty Community on SOA Engage – allows for online networking among educators
  • Access to candidate data for their university/college with regard to students’ exams passed and credentials earned
  • UCAP-IC and UCAP-AC Only: Participation in University Support Actuary mentor program