Exam ASTAM–Advanced Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics

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The ASTAM Exam is a three-hour exam consisting of 60 points of written-answer questions. The exam will be taken at Prometric testing centers. The written-answer questions will be displayed on the computer and answered in a paper answer booklet to be provided and collected by Prometric. Candidates will be provided with a scratchpad. Paper versions of the exam and tables will not be provided.

The syllabus for Exam ASTAM continues to develop the candidate’s knowledge of modeling and important actuarial methods that are useful in modeling, as well as ratemaking and reserving for short-term coverages. A thorough knowledge of calculus, probability (as covered in Exam P), mathematical statistics (as covered in VEE Mathematical Statistics), and the fundamentals of short-term actuarial mathematics (as covered in FAM) is assumed.

Enhanced Computer Based Scheduling:

  • STEP 1: Register with the Society of Actuaries by the exam deadline date
  • STEP 2: Receive emailed Acknowledgement/Receipt, wait 1 hour, schedule a seat at a Prometric Center

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