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Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance and ERM Module

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Advanced topics in CFE can include a broad range of concepts, which vary in their degree of complexity. This module covers three concepts which can be directly applied within a company's ERM framework. Three applications of Extreme Value Theory (EVT) are covered to put the theory to work in a business context. The candidate will learn about the factors that affect strategic thinking (external forces, environmental analysis), the organizational characteristics that influence strategic decision-making (strategy, structure, controls, leadership) and how senior management uses these to evaluate and benchmark progress toward strategic goals. The module leads a candidate through a 10-year strategic planning exercise while applying opportunity engineering (OE) concepts to help senior management make strategic decisions regarding a new product they would like to introduce to the market.

By the end of the module, we expect that the candidates will be able to:

  • Explain the limitations of EVT
  • Estimate Parameters for an EVT model
  • Apply and evaluate EVT in the use with operational risk
  • Understanding what is meant by strategic thinking
  • Determine strategic questions and evaluate scenarios
  • Analyze financial statements and evaluate the impact on a strategic plan
  • Interpret the results of environmental scanning and assess the opportunities
  • Develop a 10-year strategic plan
  • Evaluate when the strategic plan needs to be revised

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