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SOA Candidate Connect Newsletter

SOA Candidate Connect is an e-newsletter for SOA candidates who are taking exams to attain their ASA designation. This bi-weekly newsletter provides candidates with updates on initiatives from the Society of Actuaries (SOA) impacting candidates, exam developments, upcoming candidate events, news of the actuarial profession, additional resources, and more.

Ask Stuart

SOA staff fellow Stuart Klugman, FSA, CERA, Ph.D., taught actuarial science at two universities for 35 years and has worked with hundreds of potential actuaries. Stuart provides his unique perspective on the exams and modules, helping answer candidates' questions in his column, which is semi-regularly published in SOA Candidate Connect.

Feature Articles

The SOA and our members are here to support you in every stage of your candidate experience. The SOA runs feature articles covering exam preparation, testing, job searches and professional practice. Check out the following articles and resources from candidates, SOA members and SOA staff.

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If you have taken SOA pre-ASA exam(s) in the last two years, you should receive the bi-weekly SOA Candidate Connect e-newsletter via the email you use for exam registration. If you do not currently receive the e-newsletter but would like to, click here to subscribe.

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Write For SOA Candidate Connect

Do you have a story to tell about your journey to become an actuary? Are you eager to share your thoughts, best practices for studying, or other observations with actuarial candidates? We want to hear from you!

You will have the opportunity to see your article published in the SOA Candidate Connect e-newsletter, on the SOA’s candidate home page and/or on our SOA Facebook page. Contact Beth Gall, SOA Candidate Relations Specialist by email at

The SOA also has a volunteer database, where you can search for other volunteer opportunities as a candidate.