CPD Tracker

The SOA CPD Tracker is a free tool to help SOA members track their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits. It can be accessed online or you can download the SOA CPD Tracker app to your smartphone or tablet.

A Quick and Easy Way to Record Your CPD Credits

The SOA CPD Tracker was created to help manage CPD credits. It provides a set of unique features not found in other existing CPD tools.

The SOA CPD Tracker:

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More About the SOA CPD Tracker

The SOA CPD Tracker is designed by actuaries, for actuaries. The SOA Technology Section sponsored a contest to determine which mobile apps would be of most value to actuaries, and what tools the SOA should consider building for members. A mobile app to track continuing professional development credits was the most requested entry. As the SOA's international membership grew, the SOA recognized the need to develop a tool useful for members worldwide.