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38th Actuarial Research Conference


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Table of Contents


Actuarial and Statistical Models

  • Actuarial Computing via Recurrence Relationships in the Classroom
  • N.D. Shyamal Kumar (Complete Article)
  • An Empirical Study of Hattendorff's Theorem
  • A. Asimit
  • Bayesian Implementations of Chain Ladder Reserving Models
  • D. Scollnik
  • Favorable Estimators for Fitting Pareto Models: A Study Using Goodness–of–Fit Measures with Actual Data
  • V. Brazauskas and R. Serfling 
  • Non-Parametric Regression with a Functional Independent Variable
  • C. Fuhrer (Complete Paper)
  • On a Formula of Nesbitt
  • E. Shiu (Formula)


  • Task Force on Academic Infrastructure
  • R. London

Financial Mathematics

  • A Trinomial Lattice Approach to Equity Index Annuity
  • R. G. Reyes
  • Discrete–Time Models for an Individuals Life Insurance Purchase and Lapsing, Consumption and Stock Purchase Decisions
  • Y. Zhu 
  • Market Forecasting and Trading Rules based on Soft Computer Technologies
  • A. Shapiro (Complete Paper)
  • Modeling of Economic Series Coordinated with Interest Rate Scenarios: A progress report on research sponsored by the Casualty Actuarial Society and the Society of Actuaries
  • R. Gorvett, K. Ahlgrim and S. D'Arcy (Complete Paper)
  • Modeling Stock Market with Financial Signal Processing
  • J. Jeng (Complete Paper )
  • Quasi–Monte Carlo Approach to Pricing American Options on Foreign Assets under a Stochastic Interest Rate Economy
  • A. Kolkiewicz
  • Regime Switching of Stocks and Interest Rates
  • B. Jiang
  • The Continuous–Time Portfolio Problem
  • M. Wilhelm
  • The Bootstrap Method for Calibrating Equity Models
  • M. Hardy 

Life and Health Insurance

  • Adverse Selection in Term Life Insurance Purchasing Due to the BRCA ½ Genetic Test and Elastic Demand
  • K. Viswanathan, J. Lemaire, K. Withers, K. Armstrong, A. Baumritter, J. Hershey, M. Pauly and D. Asch (Complete Paper)
  • Bayesian Methods in Modeling Health Care Cost Data
  • M. Rosenberg
  • Further Analysis of Future Canadian Health Care Costs
  • R. Brown and U. Suresh (Complete Paper)
  • Projecting the Needs and Costs of Long Term Care in Australia
  • E. Leung (Complete Paper)
  • The Distribution of Total Life Insurance Claims
  • T. Edwalds (Complete Paper)
  • Optimal Insurance
  • S. D. Promislow and V. Young 
  • Optimal Insurance in Continuous Time
  • K. Moore

Retirement and Pension Issues

  • Exploring Risk Factors for Retirement Mortality
  • H. Kwon (Complete Paper)
  • Own–Company Stock in Pension Plans
  • P. Boyle
  • Pension Accounting and Earnings Implications
  • P. Joss
  • Pension Plan Turnover
  • E. Frees 
  • The 1/n Pension Investment Puzzle
  • H. Windcliff and P. Boyle (Complete Paper)
  • Securitization of Mortality Risks in Life Annuities
  • Y. Lin and S. Cox (Complete Paper)

Risk Theory

  • Guaranteed Benefits in Incomplete Markets and Risk Analysis
  • G. Argesanu (Complete Paper)
  • Iterated CTE: A Dynamic Risk Measure
  • J. Wirch
  • Modeling Political Risk Insurance: Utility Maximization Perspective
  • M. Wen and C. Leng (Complete Paper)
  • On the Variance of Estimators of Tail–VaR and other Distortion Risk Measures
  • J. Rioux
  • Stochastic Control Theory in Managing Insurance Risks
  • M. Castillo and G. Parrocha (Complete Paper)
  • Volatility Risk for Regime Switching Models
  • A. Kolkiewicz

Ruin Theory

  • Actuarial Applications of Some Lundberg Type Bounds
  • K. Pavlova and G. Willmot 
  • An Application of Extreme Value Theory in Pricing Catastrophic Losses
  • A. Milidonis
  • Numerical Ruin Probabilities in General Discrete Time Risk Models
  • E. Marceau
  • Ruin Probabilities with a Markov Chain Interest Model
  • J. Cai