Variable Uninsured (Value) Life Annuities - Theory, Practice and Country Cases


William Price,CEO
D3P Global

Evan Inglis
Associate Director,D3P Global

Darren Ryder,President
D3P Global


The aim of this project is to present proposals for Variable Uninsured Life Annuities—or “Value annuities.” The report and the accompanying models illustrate how Value annuities work.  The practicalities of designing and administering a Value pool are addressed, and legislative, regulatory and supervisory implications are illuminated by case studies on two countries (India and Malaysia). This set of material is broader than most contributions to the literature and is aimed at making the approach more feasible and accessible to policymakers, thereby facilitating actual introduction and implementation. 


Variable Uninsured (Value) Life Annuities
Variable Uninsured (Value) Life Annuities, Simplified Chinese Executive Summary
Appendix 1: Actuarial Administration
Appendix 2: Value Concept Illustrations
Appendix 3: Design Guide, Technical Guide and Technical Addendum
Appendix 4: Illustrations for India
Appendix 5: Illustrations for Malaysia
Actuarial Administration Model

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