Retirement Probability Analyzer Software

The SOA's Pension Section is pleased to make available the Retirement Probability Analyzer software which was created by Professor Moshe Milevsky and the IFID Centre. The software explores in great detail the fundamental question of whether one will run out of money before dying, while maintaining a desired standard of living. The software has been written to compute probabilities associated with a variety of retirement investment and spending strategies. It is intended to serve as a pedagogical tool to help the user develop an intuition for the impact of various asset allocation and annuity purchase decisions.

Below you will find a link that will decompress into the following 3 files:

Retirement Probability Analyzer Software (Executable) Complete Instruction Manual for the Retirement Probability Analyzer (Adobe Acrobat) A PowerPoint Presentation providing a high level overview of the software and its use

Note: The software is not intended as a comprehensive retirement planning tool and should not be used, under any situation, for these purposes.


Retirement Probability Analyzer Software

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Comments or Feedback

For comments or feedback, feel free to contact the IFID Centre or Steven Siegel, SOA Research Actuary.

Thank You

The Pension Section wishes to thank Dr. Milevsky and his team at IFID, and the following individuals who formed the Project Oversight Group for this research endeavor:

  • Thomas Lowman, Chair
  • Noel Abkemeier
  • Ian Genno
  • John Kalnberg
  • Kenneth Kent
  • Zenaida Samaniego
  • Steven Siegel, SOA Research Actuary