Section Governance

What is an SOA Section Council?


Each of the SOA’s 17 sections are led by a section council of nine to 12 people. The section council is typically elected by fellow section members who are also SOA members.

Joining a section is a great way to connect with colleagues who share your interests in a particular area of practice. Membership in a section may also provide an opportunity for you to add leadership and administrative skills to your resume.

Section council members can choose from a variety of roles and responsibilities. They may serve as officers, manage publications, conduct research or organize networking.

If you’re elected to a section council, you may be asked to:

  • Participate in monthly council conference calls
  • Attend one or two face-to-face council meetings per year, often in conjunction with other SOA meetings
  • Participate in webcasts that cover strategic and operational topics
  • Write an article or paper, make a presentation, organize continuing education, or lead a section research project group

The efforts of council members are critical to the overall section and contribute to the success of the SOA. What's in it for you?

  • Networking: During a three-year council term, you’ll make contacts with dozens of new people, including fellow council members, Board Partners, and staff from a variety of geographic locations, companies, and work experiences.
  • Leadership skills: Serving on a council provides an opportunity for you to practice your skills of negotiating, recruiting, delegating and mentoring.
  • Professional education: Council members have the opportunity to hear breaking news about the profession and developments at the SOA. Through webcasts and meetings, members can learn new techniques and share industry know-how.

Download the official version of the Section By–Laws.