SOA Sections

Sections are professional groups that focus on a specific practice or interest. You don't have to be an SOA member to join a section. Members of the SOA and fellow industry professionals are invited to join one or more sections.

Actuary of the Future : This section informs actuaries about the current and possible future state of the actuarial profession. A channel for learning about emerging technologies and evolving business environments that could reshape the roles of actuaries.

Education and Research : Members in this section work together to strengthen relationships between academic and business actuaries through education and research.

Entrepreneurial & Innovation : Consultants in small firms and those interested in entrepreneurial activities thrive in this innovation-centered section.

Financial Reporting : Those who work in financial reporting at insurance companies, as well as those who aspire to do so, benefit from the many resources offered in this section.

Health : The purpose of this section is to prepare health actuaries for positions of leadership and promote the relevance of health actuaries in the marketplace.

International : Actuaries interested in international insurance, pensions, or Social Security programs benefit from this section’s meetings, seminars, research studies and exchange of information.

Investment : This section arms its members with investment decision-making techniques to use in actuarial, risk management and investment management work.

Joint Risk Management (JRM) : The SOA, Casualty Actuarial Society and Canadian Institute of Actuaries jointly sponsor this section, with the main purpose of furthering education and research in risk management.

Leadership & Development : Lifelong learners and those interested in improving leadership, business and personal skills to further their careers are encouraged to join this section.

Long Term Care : The mission of the section is to promote professional development for those who work in actuarial, regulatory and compliance, marketing, underwriting and claims.

Marketing & Distribution : Actuaries interested in the distribution methods of financial services products and the inter–relationship of marketing strategies with product design, underwriting and operations may be interested in this section.

Product Development : This section focuses on new product innovations in life insurance and annuities, as well as external items related to their development.

Reinsurance : The overriding objective of this section is to be a leading resource in the global reinsurance community for all interested professionals.

Retirement : Actuaries working on retirement plans are supported through meetings, seminars, research studies and the generation and dissemination of relevant literature.

Smaller Insurance Company : This section focuses on the methods, techniques and solutions unique to a smaller company and provides a forum for members to discuss specific concerns.

Social Insurance & Public Finance : This section provides educational and research opportunities in public pension plans, government funded health plans, workers compensation insurance and unemployment insurance.

Taxation : This section is geared for actuaries and other business professionals interested in tax issues related to life insurance companies, insurance and annuity products.