Registering and Scheduling An Appointment for Computer Based Exams (CBT) – updated Jan. 7, 2022

Computer Based Testing

Step 1 – Update your SOA record

Before you register for any examination, please log into My SOA and make sure that your record has the most current information for your address, phone, and email. This ensures that when your information gets uploaded to Prometric they can reach out to you if needed and if there are capacity issues, they know your planned testing location from your address so that they can work to increase capacity in your area if possible.

Step 2 - Register with SOA

Register for the exam with the Society of Actuaries by the published deadline. (Registration closes at midnight U.S. Central Time.) Online registration is the preferred registration method. It is critical that the name you use for registration matches your first and last name on your valid government issued photo ID. Do not change the spelling. Discrepancies in names may prevent you from testing.

Step 3 – Schedule your appointment at the Prometric website:

After your registration has been processed with the SOA, you will receive an acknowledgement/receipt by email that includes your unique candidate/eligibility number for this administration. The candidate/eligibility number included in the acknowledgement/receipt will be activated approximately 1-hour of receiving the email. At that time, you should immediately go to the Prometric website to schedule your exam appointment. If your candidate number is not at Prometric after 1-hour, please email to inquire.

NOTE: Appointment Strategies! Candidates are asked to try and make their Prometric appointments the sooner the better after receiving their emailed acknowledgement of a confirmed exam registration so that they can secure an appointment at their preferred Prometric testing location and exam date.  Occasionally, upon the initial attempt to secure an appointment an exam candidate may find their local Prometric CBT center is filled on the days when the exam is offered. Prometric appointments are very fluid, and we suggest attempting to secure an appointment several times over the course of a week. If you cannot secure an appointment within a reasonable time frame, please reach out to Customer Service.

The latest a candidate can schedule a CBT appointment for Exams P, FM, IFM, STAM and SRM is 48-hours prior to the start time of the exam on the final day of the testing window*. No appointments or changes will be made after that time.

NEW Appointment Scheduling Closes: *Due to the nature of the Spring/Fall FSA, ERM, LTAM, EA and PA Exams, and Prometric’s need for preparing and testing machines prior to the exam window, appointment scheduling will close two weeks prior to the start of the exam window. Please see your confirmation receipt for the last day to schedule an appointment for your particular exam.

If you do not receive an appointment confirmation email from Prometric within 24-hours of scheduling your exam appointment, please contact Prometric directly to make sure the exam appointment was recorded properly.

CBT Language Options

Preliminary Exams - English or French. Please select carefully.

  • English is the only language option outside of Canada.
  • Candidates taking their exam in Canada will have the bilingual options of English or French language.

If English is selected the entire testing experience is in the English language.

*If French is selected, the candidate sees a split screen (English on the left‐hand side/French on the right‐hand side). The Tutorial and the Final Score Report are entirely in French. The examination portion is completely in English with the navigation ability to select a French translation of the exam question by clicking on a button titled "French".

LTAM, FSA, ERM and EA Exams

The LTAM, PA, FSA, ERM and EA Exams, when you access the exam, it will be in English. There will be a button on the screen titled “French” to view the same page in French.

The ability to see and use the “French” button to see the exam question in French is offered globally for these specific exams.

Schedule Online with Prometric (Preferred Choice)

  • After 1-hour of receiving your acknowledgement/receipt email, you may schedule your test appointment by going to:
  • If there are no available appointments, we ask that our exam candidates try several attempts over the course of several days to secure an appointment and if at that time they still are unsuccessful to reach out to our Customer Service.

ProScheduler: Enhanced Exam Selection/Scheduling Platform with Prometric

Prometric has enhanced the exam scheduling experience for SOA candidates by implementing a new registration/scheduling platform, ProScheduler. SOA candidates will be able to schedule their exams, wherever they are, using any device. Additional benefits of ProScheduler include:

  • Live, dynamic maps with real-time locators of test centers closest to the candidate
  • Ability to tailor a search to geographical regions and date ranges, resulting in the presentation of multiple possible appointments with one click
  • Presentation of the optimal venue selection for candidates based on their location and preferred exam date
  • Presentation of multiple date/time options on a single screen allowing candidates to select the most convenient date and time

Step by Step Guide to Appointment Scheduling at

  • Go to
  • Locate “ACTIONS”, Click on, “Schedule”.
  • Read through Schedule Appointment, click on forward arrow.
  • Read through Personal Data Privacy Disclosure & Consent, Confirm and Consent, click on forward arrow.
  • Eligibility Information, you will need your candidate/eligibility number that is located on the receipt area of your email, plus the first 4 characters of your last name, click on Submit.

NOTE:  If your last name consists of less than 4 characters use only that, then click Submit. 

  • A result will be found which should be the exam that you want to schedule an appointment. Click on the forward arrow.
  • Find a Test Center, put into the Search box name of the city, or zip code you want to take the exam in, make sure the Start Date and End Date for the exam is correct. Click on the forward arrow.
  • On this next screen you will either see the Prometric Testing Centers that have available appointments for the date range and exam that you provided, or that no availability is found.
  • Select the appointment date and available time, click on Next.
  • Additional Information
  • Fill in your Email address, then Validate your email address, click on Next.
  • Appointment Verification
  • Verify your appointment information, your name’s spelling, date, time, and exam name.
  • Finish by clicking on Complete Appointment.
  • After scheduling is completed successfully, please print/or save an adobe file of the confirmation page from Prometric for your reference. You should receive an email confirmation of your scheduled appointment within 24 hours. If you do not receive the appointment confirmation email, please contact Prometric directly.

The specific preliminary exam name is listed below:

For Exam P

      • Probability English: U.S., Canada, Intl
      • Probability French: Canada*

For Exam FM

      • Financial Mathematics English: U.S., Canada, Intl
      • Financial Mathematics French: Canada*

For Exam IFM

      • Investment and Financial Markets English: U.S., Canada, Intl
      • Investment and Financial Markets French: Canada*

For Exam SRM

      • Statistics for Risk Modeling English: U.S., Canada, Intl
      • Statistics for Risk Modeling French: Canada*

For Exam STAM

      • Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics English: U.S., Canada, Intl
      • Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics French: Canada*

For Exam PA

      • Predictive Analytics English: U.S., Canada, Intl
      • Predictive Analytics French: Canada*

The specific LTAM, FSA, ERM, EA exam name is listed below:

      • ERM General Corporate
      • ERM General Insurance
      • ERM Group & Health
      • ERM Individual Life
      • ERM Investment
      • ERM Retirement Benefits
      • Foundations in CFE
      • Strategic Decision Making
      • QFI Portfolio Management
      • QFI Quantitative Finance
      • QFI Investment Risk Management
      • Life Product Management – U.S.
      • Life Financial Management – Canada
      • Life ALM and Modeling
      • Retirement Funding and Regulation – Canada Only
      • Retirement Design and Accounting – U.S.
      • Retirement Design and Accounting – Canada
      • Retirement Plan Investment and Risk Management
      • Group Health Design and Pricing
      • Group Health Finance and Valuation – U.S.
      • Group Health Finance and Valuation – Canada
      • Group Health Specialty
      • Ratemaking and Reserving GI
      • Financial and Regulatory Environment – U.S.
      • Advanced Topics in General Insurance
      • EA -1
      • EA – 2L
      • EA – 2F

Schedule by Telephone

After waiting 1-hour from receipt of your acknowledgement/receipt email, you may schedule your test appointments by calling Prometric's Candidate Services Contact Center. You must reference the "SOA" exam.

C.B.T. Exam Candidates Needing Testing Accommodations

Only candidates who have already received approval for testing accommodations from the SOA Office may schedule an appointment with Prometric that includes testing accommodations. Please contact Testing Accommodations or visit the Testing Accommodations home page for further information.