Fall 2008 Exam M Updates

Fall 2008 Basic Education Catalog



  • 10.06.08
  • Exam MFE
  • Additional Sample Questions and Solutions are available for Exam MFE (# 21–31)
  • 07.29.08
  • Exam MFE
  • Derivatives Markets, 2006 Second Edition, by R. McDonald, additional errata for printings before 2008:
    • Chapter 12, page 381, add the following sentence to the end of the first paragraph:
    • Because the dividend is fixed, the volatility in Example 12.3 is the volatility of the prepaid forward, rather that the volatility of the stock.

    • Chapter 24, page 780, equation (24.1):
    • Change the plus sign to a minus sign.



  • 05.07.08
  • In the second printing of the second edition of Actuarial Mathematics as well as in the first printing of PDFStudy Note MLC–25–05 there is an error in equation (8.5.15) on page 244. The error is corrected (by replacing n with h) in the fifth printing of the book and the second printing of the Study Note.