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Fall 2008 Exam M Updates

Fall 2008 Basic Education Catalog



  • 10.06.08
  • Exam MFE
  • Additional Sample Questions and Solutions are available for Exam MFE (# 21-31)
  • 07.29.08
  • Exam MFE
  • Derivatives Markets, 2006 Second Edition, by R. McDonald, additional errata for printings before 2008:
    • Chapter 12, page 381, add the following sentence to the end of the first paragraph:
    • Because the dividend is fixed, the volatility in Example 12.3 is the volatility of the prepaid forward, rather that the volatility of the stock.

    • Chapter 24, page 780, equation (24.1):
    • Change the plus sign to a minus sign.



  • 05.07.08
  • In the second printing of the second edition of Actuarial Mathematics as well as in the first printing of PDFStudy Note MLC-25-05 there is an error in equation (8.5.15) on page 244. The error is corrected (by replacing n with h) in the fifth printing of the book and the second printing of the Study Note.