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ARCH Table of Contents 2008.1

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Table of Contents



Invited Talk


  • Stochastic Modeling–A Research Experience for Undergraduates
  • R. Gorvett (Complete Article)
  • Using Actuar in Teaching: Case Studies
  • V. Goulet (Abstract Only)


  • An Approach to Valuing Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefit Riders
  • C. Marshall, D. Saunders (Abstract Only )
  • Competing Risks Model for Corporate Exit Analysis: Discrete Hazard Model and Extension with Stochastic Frailties
  • T. Bae, R. J. Kulperger (Abstract Only)
  • Economic Capital and Regulation of Banks and Insurers
  • M. Yang (Abstract Only)
  • Fourier Inversion Formulas in Option Pricing and Insurance
  • D. Dufresne, J. Garrido, M. Morales (Abstract Only)
  • Moments of a Regime–Switching Stochastic Interest Rate Model with Randomized Regimes
  • J. Bridgeman (Complete Article )
  • New Iterative Calculation of American–style Derivatives–A Lower Approximation of the Snell Envelope
  • D. Zhu (Abstract Only)
  • Portfolio Risk Management with CVaR–like Constraints
  • S. Cox, Y. Lin, R. Tian, L. Zuluaga (Complete Article)
  • Quantitative Risk Measures of Individual Life Settlement Purchases
  • S. Gupta (Abstract Only)
  • Valuation of Equity–Linked Insurance Using Risk Measures
  • P. Gaillardetz (Abstract Only)

Fuzzy Logic

  • Fuzzy Clustering Study on the Structure of Insurance Policies
  • Y. Kou (Abstract Only)
  • Possibilistic Modeling for Loss Distribution and Premium Calculation
  • L. Guo, Z. Huang (Complete Article)


  • A Bayesian Two–Part Predictive Model for Health Care Costs Using Individual–level Data
  • M. Rosenberg (Abstract Only)
  • An Option–based Operational Risk Management on Pandemics
  • H. Chen, S. Cox (Complete Article)
  • Claims Prediction Model and the Simulation of Health Savings Account (HSA) Performance
  • V. Kane (Complete Article)
  • Mitigating the Impact of Endogeneity in Healthcare Data via Multilevel Models
  • P. Johnson (Abstract Only)
  • Modeling Treatment Costs Associated with a Multi–stage Pandemic
  • M. Ekhaus (Complete Article )

Mortality Models

  • Implementation of Markov Approach to Joint Life Mortality
  • M. Ji (Abstract Only)
  • Modeling Mortality with Jumps: Transitory Effects and Pricing Implication to Mortality Securitization
  • H. Chen, S. Cox (Complete Article)
  • Mortality Modelling Using Projection Pursuit Regression
  • S. Craighead, T. Edwalds (Abstract or Presentation)


  • Death of an Annuity Market Foretold
  • A. Perez Villasana, T. Sinha (Abstract Only)
  • Disability Causes and Their Effect in the Mortality of Disables Annuitants in Mexico
  • T. Sinha, A. Yanez (Abstract Only)
  • Fixing Social Security and Medical Care
  • A. Lang (Abstract Only)
  • Negative Effects of the GIS Clawback and Possible Solutions
  • D. Chisholm (Complete Article )
  • On Pricing and Hedging the No–Negative–Equity–Guarantee in Equity Release Mechanisms
  • M. Hardy, S.H. Li, K.S. Tan (Abstract Only)
  • Salary Profiles of Affiliates of Pension Funds
  • T. Sinha (Abstract Only)
  • The Cost Control on a DB Underpin Hybrid Pension Plan
  • K. Chen, M. Hardy(Abstract Only)

Risk and Risk Management

  • A Nonpararmetric Test for Comparing the Riskiness of Portfolios
  • V. Brazauskas (Abstract Only)
  • A Risk Model When Premium Rate Depends on Claim Size
  • J. Cai, M. Zhou (Abstract Only)
  • Analysis of a Threshold Strategy in the Discrete–time Sparre Andersen Model
  • A. Mera (Complete Article)
  • Bounds for Ruin Probabilities and Value at Risk
  • S. Cox, Y. Lin, R. Tian, L. Zuluaga (Complete Article)
  • Comparison of a Simple Bayesian Reserving Model with Traditional Methods
  • Yessica Perez–Camarillo (Abstract Only)
  • Enhancing Insurer Value Using Reinsurance and Value–at–Risk Criterion
  • K. S. Tan, C. Weng (Abstract Only)
  • Generalized Gerber–Shiu Function in Piecewise–deterministic Markov Processes
  • R. Feng (Abstract Only)
  • Metrics for Matches, Mismatches and Non–Matches
  • T. Herzog (Abstract Only)
  • On the Regulator–Insurer Interaction in a Structural Model
  • C. Bernard, A. Chen (Complete Article)
  • Subexponential Tail of Discounted Aggregate Claims
  • X. Hao, Q. Tang (Complete Article)