Managing the Impact of Long‐Term Care Needs and Expense on Retirement Security Monograph

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Compilation of Abstracts

This document contains a compilation of abstracts for all of the papers for convenient reference.

The Following are the Complete Papers and Abstracts Categorized by Major Themes

Big Picture

  • The Impact of Long‐Term Care Costs on Retirement Wealth Needs

  • How American Society will Address Long-Term Care Risk, Financing and Retirement

Caregiving, Family, Health

  • Improving Retirement by Integrating Family, Friends, Housing and Support: Lessons Learned from Personal Experience

  • The 65 Plus Age Wave and the Caregiving Conundrum: The Often Forgotten Piece of the Long‐Term Care Puzzle

  • Long‐Term Benefits May Reduce End‐of‐Life Medical Care Costs


  • An Overview of the U.S. LTC Insurance Market (Past and Present): The Economic Need for LTC Insurance, the History of LTC Regulation & Taxation and the Development of LTC Product Design Features
    • Larry Rubin, Kevin Crowe, Adam Fisher, Omar Ghaznawi, Richard McCoach, Rachel Narva, David Schaulewicz, Thomas Sullivan, and Toby White
    • Abstract
    • Complete Paper

  • Home Equity and At‐Need Annuities—A Dynamic Long‐Term Care Funding Duo


  • Can Long Term Care Protection in Other Developed Countries Provide Guidance for the United States? Germany as an Example

Ideas for the Future