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Predictive Analytics and Accelerated Underwriting Follow-up Survey Report

March 2018

In June/July 2016, the Predictive Analytics & Accelerated Underwriting Survey Subcommittee of the Society’s Committee on Life Insurance Mortality and Underwriting Surveys conducted a survey to get feedback on several hot industry topics – predictive analytics, accelerated underwriting and enhanced underwriting programs.  Due to limited responses on enhanced underwriting, they were only able to report results for the first two programs – predictive analytics and accelerated underwriting.  That report was published in May of 2017 and can be found here

Because there has been much continued activity in these areas, this Subcommittee decided to perform a limited follow-up survey conducted in July/August 2017, which covered only accelerated underwriting and predictive analytics.  Those results can be found in the below report.    


Predictive Analytics and Accelerated Underwriting Follow-up Survey Report

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