2017 Variable Annuity Guaranteed Living Benefits Utilization

The Society of Actuaries and LIMRA have sponsored a Variable Annuity Guaranteed Living Benefit Utilization Study. This study is an annual update of earlier investigations conducted since 2006. Below are the links for the SOA/LIMRA Variable Annuity Guaranteed Living Benefit Utilization study in a new data visualization dashboard format called Tableau, as well as instructions for first-time users of Tableau. 


GLWB:  https://www.limra.com/en/research/dashboards/vaglbus-2017/vaglbus-2017-glwb/

GMIB:  https://www.limra.com/en/research/dashboards/vaglbus-2017/vaglbus-2017-gmib/

GMAB:  https://www.limra.com/en/research/dashboards/vaglbus-2017/vaglbus-2017-gmab/

GMWB:  https://www.limra.com/en/research/dashboards/vaglbus-2017/vaglbus-2017-gmwb/  


CONFIDENTIALITY: It is important to note that in any case where a user makes a filter or radio button selection that would violate the confidentiality rules that have been programmed, all cells that fail the confidentiality test will be blanked out in the dashboard view.


Tableau - Brief Instructions for first-time users


Questions Or Comments?

If you have comments or questions, please send an email to research@soa.org.