FAP: Fundamentals of Actuarial Practice

Welcome to the FAP homepage. Please review all of the information and links provided below. The Society of Actuaries (SOA) is making changes and enhancements to the Fundamentals of Actuarial Practice (FAP) e-Learning course. The new FAP course will be available by January 2020, and it provides candidates with more interactive learning and international content.

The last day to purchase the Current FAP modules or a limited extension is July 31, 2019. Current FAP Modules will discontinue March 31, 2020. New FAP modules will be available January 2020.

Changes to FAP in 2020 and Frequently Asked Questions

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FAP is a self–paced, e–Learning course composed of eight modules where candidates acquire and use knowledge that is distributed and facilitated by electronic means. This course teaches candidates about the business environment and exposes them to real–world situations by using the Control Cycle as a practical problem–solving framework that applies to all aspects of actuarial work.

FAP encompasses real–world applications and uses examples to demonstrate actuarial principles and practices. Practical techniques are presented to assist in your day–to–day work. You will also have opportunities to apply these principles and techniques in traditional and non–traditional actuarial practice areas. With the fundamentals in your toolkit, you will be better prepared to apply your learning to new areas of practice that may emerge during the course of your actuarial career. The FAP also includes two comprehensive written assessments (Interim Assessment and Final Assessment).

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Recognized by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.

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      • Registration links are provided in the Interim Assessment and Final Assessment when you have reached Module 5 and Module 8, respectively.



FAP inquiries may be directed to elearn@soa.org