ARCH Table of Contents 2009.1 Table of Contents

ARCH Table of Contents 2009.1

  • 2008 Actuarial Research Conference Proceedings
  • University of Regina
  • Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • August 14–16, 2008

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Table of Contents


Invited Talk

Actuarial and Statistical Models

  • Sums of Lognormals
  • D. Dufresne (Complete Article)
  • The Distribution of Discounted Compound Renewal Sums
  • G. Léveillé, J. Garrido, Y. Wang (Abstract) (Presentation)
  • An Approximation to the Distribution of Number of Renewals in Markov Arrival Processes
  • J. Ren (Abstract Only)


  • Accrediting University Actuarial Programs
  • S. Klugman (Abstract Only)


  • A Model for Corporate Credit Migration: Multi–period Ordinal Logistic Regression with Serial Dependence
  • T. Bae, R. J. Kulperger (Abstract Only)
  • Illustrations of a Regime–Switching Stochastic Interest Rate Model with Randomized Regimes
  • J. Bridgeman (Abstract Only)
  • Some Results on Unique Relationship Between Structure Functions and Credibility Expressions
  • E. Gomez–Deniz, E. Calderin–Ojeda (Complete Article)
  • Change Points and a Regime–Switching, Scenario Generator with Continuous Parameter Distributions for Mean and Volatility
  • M. Modisett (Abstract Only)
  • Fuzzy Regression and the Term Structure of Interest Rates–A Least Squares Approach
  • A. Shapiro, M. Koiss (Complete Article)
  • Using High, Low, and Closing Data to Estimate Covariance
  • J.G. Wade, C.L. Zirbel (Abstract Only)


  • Stochastic Treatments for Insured Long Term Disability Benefits Under a Group Insurance Policy
  • P. Douglas (Complete Article)
  • The Effect of Benefit Plan Reimbursement Provisions on Health Care Cost
  • C. Fuhrer (Abstract Only)
  • Modeling Individual and Small Group Health Insurance
  • A. Wei (Complete Article)

Life Insurance

  • Semi–Static Hedging the Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefits (GMWBs)
  • Y. Liu (Abstract Only)
  • Implementing the Market Cost of Capital Method for Fair Value Margins
  • J. Manistre (Abstract Only)
  • Risk–Neutral Valuation of a Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefit Rider Offered in Practice
  • C. Marshall (Abstract Only)
  • Stochastic Life Insurance Benefit and Annuity Modeling Using Kolmogorov Backward Equation
  • J. Zhuang, M. Pang–Rey, I. Suan, P. Sy (Abstract Only)


  • Improvements in Scenario Selection Methods
  • C. Clark (Abstract Only)
  • Using Reversible Jump MCMC to Account for Model Uncertainty
  • B. Hartman, J. Hart (Complete Article)
  • A Loss Reserving Model within the Framework of Generalized Linear Models
  • J. Zhou, J. Garrido (Complete Article)

Mortality Models

  • Extensions of the Lee–Carter Method and Applications to Life Insurance Mortality Models
  • M. Koissi, A. Shapiro (Complete Article)

Pensions and Retirement Issues

  • Pension Funding and Smoothing of Contributions
  • D. Gomez, S. Haberman, I. Owadally (Abstract Only)
  • Phased Retirement
  • P. Mignault, C. Bilodeau (Abstract Only)
  • Post–Retirement Financial Strategies for a Defined Contribution Plan Participant
  • A. Shapiro (Abstract Only)

Property/Casualty Insurance

  • A Multilevel Analysis of Intercompany Claim Counts
  • K. Antonio, E. Frees. E. Valdez (Complete Article)
  • Robust and Efficient Methods for Credibility When Claims Are Approximately Gamma–Distributed
  • H. Dornheim, V. Brazauskas (Abstract Only)


  • Optimality of General Reinsurance Contracts under CTE Risk Measure
  • K. Tan, C. Weng, Y. Zhang (Abstract Only)
  • Optimal Investment Policies and Optimal Reinsurance for an Insurer
  • S. Wu, J. Cai (Abstract Only)

Risk and Risk Management

  • Discounted Claims in a Renewal Risk Model
  • D. Dufresne (Complete Article)
  • Weighted Pricing Functionals
  • E. Furman, R. Zitikis (Complete Article)
  • A Capital Allocation Based on a Solvency Exchange Option
  • J. Kim (Abstract Only)
  • Optimal Investment Allocation in a Jump Diffusion Risk Model withInvestment: A Numerical Analysis of Several Examples
  • B. Laubis, J. Lin (Complete Article)